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 Belle Lovegood

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Belle Lovegood

Belle Lovegood

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PostSubject: Belle Lovegood   Belle Lovegood EmptyMon Aug 01, 2011 10:19 pm

Your Name:Mara

Characters Name:Belle Lovegood

Wand (if a wizard):Rosewood, 9 inches,Heartstring. Very good for charms and transfiguration

House (if a wizard):Slytherin

Patronus (if a wizard): Phoenix

Likes:Chocolate,spells,showing her talents,being in charge, telling how it is

Dislikes:Posers and fakes,people who are weak

Bio:Belle is the opposite of Luna in some ways. She loves her sister very dearly and will kill anyone who hurts her. However she is strong and has her own opinions. Belle was excited to be sorted into Slytherin knowing she would fit in. As a child she often got into the trouble and broke a lot of rules. This was something Belle didn't fix when she came to Hogwarts. In fact she became even more a trouble maker and this often worries her father. Belle is after nothing but having fun and living her own life.

Though she can be sweet she finds it hard to show that side of herself. She sees it as weakness so she prefers to be cruel to the point of where many consider her heart ice. Belle doesn't like showing that lovey dovey side of herself but will to those close to her.
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Belle Lovegood
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