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 Danny Lennox

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Danny Lennox

Danny Lennox

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PostSubject: Danny Lennox   Danny Lennox EmptyMon Aug 01, 2011 11:28 pm

Your Name: Mattie
Characters Name: Danny Lennox
Wand (if a wizard): 10 inches, Rosewood, with Unicorn hair
House (if a wizard): Ravenclaw
Patronus (if a wizard): Gazelle
Likes: Being with his older brother, hanging with friends
Dislikes: Deatheaters
Bio: Danny is a quiet, sweet, curious pureblood. He tends to be very shy until he gets to know you but when he does he's a very loyal friend. He lives with his father and older brother, his father can be borderline abusive at times but his brother is very protective.
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Danny Lennox
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