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 Kaylene Ives

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Kaylene Ives

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PostSubject: Kaylene Ives   Kaylene Ives EmptyTue Aug 02, 2011 11:08 pm

Your Name: Shyanne
Characters Name: Kaylene Ives
Wand (if a wizard):
House (if a wizard):
Patronus (if a wizard):
Likes: Men, women, money, glitter, dresses, heels, looking pretty, make up, styling hair, painting nails, girly stuff.
Dislikes: Drama, people who invade her privacy, bitches
Bio:Kaylene, usually called Kay, has been around for a while. She's a sweetheart, and wears her heart on her sleeve. She doesn't like to start problems, and tends to stay away from conflict. She used to let people walk over her, but she stands up for herself now. She is a fairy and has a soft, velvety voice and she seems to glide instead of walk. She loves her brother to death, and loves to spend time with him.
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Kaylene Ives
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