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 Aislin Wyatt

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Aislin Wyatt

Aislin Wyatt

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PostSubject: Aislin Wyatt   Aislin Wyatt EmptyTue Aug 02, 2011 11:28 pm

Your Name: Sami

Characters Name: Aislin Amethyst Wyatt

Wand (if a wizard): Ash, 11.5 inches, durable, suitable for intricate spells
Core: Phoenix feather from wing
Ash is known to give its owner focus and is the perfect choice for charm work. Also famous for its protective qualities it is especially suited for security against even the most powerful storms.

House (if a wizard): Ravenclaw

Patronus (if a wizard): Wolf

Likes: Charms, Transfiguration, reading, exploring, being with friends and family, helping others

Dislikes: People who go along with everyone around them instead of makiing their own choice, Voldemort and his followers

Bio: Born in Ireland, Aislin is the younger of two siblings and is a metamorphmagus (what Tonks is) and often likes changing the colour of the streaks in her hair, often using them to show her mood. She's fun loving but also likes her quiet time to read and is very protective of her family.
She lives with her older brother Raven, who has already graduated from Hogwarts and works in the Ministry.

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Aislin Wyatt
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