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 Lily Evans

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Lily Evans

Lily Evans

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Lily Evans  Lily_DHP2

Your Name: JJ

Characters Name: Lily Evans (Potter)

Wand (if a wizard): Willow, swishy consistency good for charms

House (if a wizard): Gryffindor

Patronus (if a wizard): Doe

Likes: Chocolate frogs, reading, her BFF Severus Snape (even though he called her mudblood, she still cares for him after their friendship ended) potions work, charms, and practicing transfiguration.

Dislikes: The Marauders- as they picked on her BFF Severus, James especially, shenanigans, practical jokes. Lily likes to have fun- but not at the expense of others- people who make others feel worse about themselves because of what they are.

Bio: Lily grew up in a muggle household, and has a slightly strained relationship with her jealous sister Petunia- whom she loves dearly despite her calling her a freak for her magical ability. Lily is a kind person, very brave, and good hearted- she's annoyed and can't understand why some people give into prejudice over others whom they may or may not have met.

As a teen she's annoyed by James and his friends, not wanting to be associated with them and their shenanigans.

As a full grown woman, she's married to James Potter, and also is pretty dead. ...But uh, that would limit some rps (what with the whole dead thing), so... assume for canon threads that she is married to James and dead. AUs, this may or may not apply given the story.

Pairings I like: James/Lily, Lily/Sirius

Pairings I would try: Lily/Severus Snape
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Lily Evans
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