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 Regulus Black

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Regulus Black

Regulus Black

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PostSubject: Regulus Black   Regulus Black EmptyFri Aug 19, 2011 2:51 pm

Your Name: Regulus Black
Characters Name: Regulus or 'The Other Black'
Wand (if a wizard): Cherry wood, 11 inches, Unicorn Hair Core
House (if a wizard): Slytherin
Patronus (if a wizard): n/a
Likes: Quidditch-seeker preferably, dark arts, being the pride of his family, reading, transfiguration, potions
Dislikes: Griffyndors in general due to house loyalty, loud people, fighting
Bio: Regulus is much more like Sirius than anyone wants to admit. He did go wrong when he was younger, he followed those in his house and pledged himself to the Dark Lord; something that while it earned him the praise and undying love of his family distanced him from his brother. As a younger boy he wanted to be just like Sirius, have the popularity and close friends that Sirius had. Like all younger brothers he was a bit envious of his brothers position but when he became the favorite he found out just how lonely it was in that position.

He quickly fell out of 'love' with the Death eaters when he was sent along on muggle killing expeditions and unbeknownst to Voldemort let many go with whispered hisses to hide themselves away and to never speak of what was happening unless they want to be at the mercy of someone that didn't have it. Loyalty was bred into Regulus but the natural rebellious streak that Sirius seemed to have gotten full force ran deep in him as well and caused him to try and destroy the Horcux's that Voldemort was creating.

Regulus was an accomplished duelist and wanted to play seeker for Manchester United, but his dreams were cut short when he took it upon himself to end the Dark Lords reign of terror. He felt guilty for never trying to mend the broken fence with Sirius and if was given the chance would have begged for forgiveness.

How I play Regulus: In general it's mostly School era Regulus who was a true Slytherin through and through, but I do like AU and don't mind playing him as if he lived. He's got a dark past but wants to redeem himself for it and if given half a chance is the most loyal person someone could want.

Pairings: idk. Never paired Regulus before.
Smut: If done right.
Genre: Anything, angst is a given with Regulus, but too much still makes me a sad Panda.
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Regulus Black
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