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 Abraxas Malfoy

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Abraxas Malfoy

Abraxas Malfoy

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Your Name: JJ

Characters Name: Abraxas Malfoy

Wand (if a wizard): It is unknown: as he most likely never bothered to tell anyone what it was, and allowed Lucius to use their heirloom wand instead.

House (if a wizard): Slytherin

Patronus (if a wizard): It WAS a lion.

Likes: Very few things. He enjoys solitude, adventuring, and considers his tenure on the Slytherin quidittich team as the best years of his life. He cared for his wife, but constantly left due to his work at the ministry on long trips. He cared for his son, but was barely around when he was growing up. Charlus and Walburga top his list on people he may or may not actually smile at. He plays only Bach on the cello.

Dislikes: Many things. He dislikes loud noise. He dislikes being a father, as he has a difficult time wrapping his mind around the concept after being alone for the majority of his life. He hates wearing robes, as they make him look shorter and smaller than he actually is. He doesn't approve of sitting still, or being in large groups of people. Parties. Small children not related to him. Tom Riddle.

Bio: (as a teen) Abraxas's parents died when he was young, due to sickness gained from the Great War that they struggled with for years before finally succumbing. Abraxas was mostly spared from it, but was born undersized and remained shorter than he should have been because of it. He was alone in the manor up until going to Hogwarts where he met Charlus and Walburga. Charlus fostered a love of adventure in him. Walburga got in him into quidditch, which he played seeker for. He used his small size to work to his advantage, and quickly became captain of the team.

He had a knack for dueling and transfiguration, but was miserable at potions- his lack of patience plagued him in that field. He did decently at school, but his attention was always on the pitch rather in studies.

As an adult, he was terrified of being a husband and a father, as it required him to act in a way he was unaccustomed to and had no examples to follow having had very little memory of his own parents. He took a job with the ministry that had him searching out items of dark magic all around the world that kept him conveniently away from his lonely wife. When she died giving birth, he still decided to remain away.

He often is haunted by bad memories, crawling up with fire whiskey to help him sleep.

He is a very dry man, with a blunt sense of humor. He is willing to go on any adventure, and does not fear death. Should it come to him, he will be ready for it. Rather, he does fear for his own son, and possibly spiders. When crossed, he is nasty and tenacious at making that person pay.

Pairings: Abaraxs/Charlus, Abraxas/Walburga, Abraxas/Eileen Prince- Abraxas/Tom Riddle (even though I doubt he'd be too happy about it as he doesn't like Tom)
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Abraxas Malfoy
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