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 Johnny Pierce

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Johnny Pierce

Johnny Pierce

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PostSubject: Johnny Pierce   Johnny Pierce EmptyMon Aug 01, 2011 6:11 pm

Your Name: Ezzy
Characters Name: John (aka Johnny) Randall Pierce
Wand (if a wizard):
House (if a wizard):
Patronus (if a wizard):
Likes: Men, sex, water (he's a merman), drinking, swimming.
Dislikes: Getting close to people, Severus Snape, rules.
Bio: Johnny is cunning, and witty. He's very smart. He's a merman. He sings to any sailors on the water. He lures them in with his song and his looks before the pulls them under and feeds on them. Despite his nature, he's a very sweet, and good person. His song is his deadliest weapon. (kinda ilk pirates of the caribbean 4 XD) I can write him many ways, depending on the thread.
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Johnny Pierce
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